In a given year, each of our 12 members chooses one initiative to support.  In some months we respond to a need-based situation.  Other months we may create some sort of pay-it-forward concept with the goal of spreading compassion and awareness.  Our initiatives are funded primarily by our monthly member dues of $20 each.  We believe that small charitable acts can have a significant impact when they are targeted to a local community.  If you believe in our efforts and would like to donate via Paypal, the additional funds will give us the opportunity to focus on executing more than 12 ideas.

With roughly 120 initiatives completed since we launched and over $20,000 invested in acts of kindness, here are some of our favorites:

1.  We learned that a local young boy was having brain surgery for a Chiari (pronounced key-AR-ee) malformation that would require him to have serious down time for the summer.  The family was trying to squeeze in a whole summer of fun in just a few short weeks.  With the combined efforts of our dues and donations from Coastal Livery and Blue Man Group we were able to send the whole family into Boston for a night of fun.

2. Thinking positive we turned to a company called Choose Hope.  We purchased a set of three bracelets for each of us.  Our mission was to pass them on to someone else who was making a positive impact in the community or perhaps someone who needed to be reminded of hope.  Throughout the year we shared stories of passing the bracelets to various people and why we chose them.

3. We used our dues to set up a discretionary fund at the Scituate Pharmacy in North Scituate.  Our donation was used throughout the year to offset minor expenses for anyone in our community who has a demonstrated need and is unable to cover the entire cost of a prescription. The pharmacy has become known for that small-town feeling where you are familiar and appreciated.

4. Multiple times we have used our August dues to support children in the Scituate community when they head back to school.  We provide them with items they need to help them feel good about returning to the classroom.

5. At Thanksgiving time our group hosted a harvest dinner for 50 of our Scituate Seniors.  With the help of our local Council on Aging and Girl Scout Troop #74446, we provided a festive and delicious dinner with entertainment as well.  Our sincere thanks go to Circe’s Grotto for their generous food donations.

6. We provided laundry services for a local woman who underwent a double mastectomy following a positive BRCA test.

7. During Nurse Appreciation Week we each sent a $20 gift card to our favorite local nurse along with a personalized note of thanks.

8. We set up a discretionary fund using our dues at Rocco’s Barber Shop so that the owner could choose to give “free cuts” for those in need or to simply “pay it forward”.

9. We contributed to the publishing of Lexie’s Gift  – Lexie Williams, 16, created the book after nine years of treatments for brain cancer that began at age 3 months.

10. We host an annual game of Left, Right, Center where we invite the community to come and play for the charity or non profit of their choice. With two simultaneous games and nearly 100 players, each winner typically donates $1000 to the organization for which they play.